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I guys, I bought this pile of parts from eBay the other day :-) a EK1, mm CD800, complete but with a broken of and tried to repair catch ( the catch is wrong). It seems that the cross came apart on the attempt to ( soft) solder the catch ! Anyway, since I didn't have a CD800, I figured it was worth a try, to repair this one, and fun too ;-) At a price of 70 euros I felt it was ok. I have made 

 Above the pile of parts to start with :-/ Next, ALL the old soft solder has to be removed from the back plate. If ANY of it is left, it will "eat" the silver, when the new catch is hard soldered in place !

catch is drawn and cut from 1,2 mm silver plate .

Soldered in place :-)


After cleaning the flux residue in sulfuric acid, the inside is cleaned again, and the complete cross lined up for final assembling and...


The cross is washed to remove the soldering water. The edges of the cross is gently smoothed with a fine file. Last the edges are buffed, using a buffing brush and corse compound ! Last but not least, the cross gets it patina back and oiled a bit :-) The final result is below !  

 I want to thank Marc Carlsson for the honor of having his work presented here in the name of the Montgomery Support group 

see what more Marc is making 
                         Marc Carlsson site

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